About us

Founder of the Jay Ambe Enterprise Industries, 

Even though our father had gone from the Earth, we can still feel his Love, And all the times we spent together, Growing a love that would last forever, are times that will never leave, because we remember our father all the times forever for the years go by….. till there is the sun in the sky and water on the Earth. We are so sorry about the timings that we didn’t wish to loose him but God called him to home so he fell into eternal sleep.

Though our father has gone very far from us. we will make him with us by not ceasing our selves as he the aspiration to acquire the lime lighting acquisition in business by developing it in an immense way with this we will be able to cherish his all anticipations and dream by continuing the whole business in the same manner and by applying more endeavors than the past and this would be the most precious gift from us to our father and we Pray to god to bless us and to make a primrose path for us to offer this precious gift to our father Late Mr. Dinesh M.Kotecha.